New Documents
1 April 2014
UNESCO 'Water and Energy'

20 March 2014
FAO 'Forests and water'

15 September 2013
Agenda of the Italian Senate on September 4

18 June 2006
Natura 2000: Managing Our Heritage

4 December 2005
Criteria and Guidelines for Water Quality Evaluation at Hydrographic Basin Level

4 December 2005
Improving drought preparedness throught water transfers - The agreement between Basilicata and Puglia

4 December 2005
Planning and water (and soil) management in Italy: from law 183/89

28 April 2005
Regulation and management of the water in Italy

5 January 2005
Integrated management of Natura 2000 sites

30 January 2004
Water Framework Directive and Tools within the Cohesion Policy to Support its Implement

1 March 2002
Innovation in water legislation in Italy

12 september 2013
Francesco Lettera's article

12 september 2013
Territorial maintenance: a meeting in Perugia

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Reserved Area

Seminar on the integration of EU water and nature directives

30 June 2016
Little Man, What Now? (of Bruno Miccio)

10 July 2014
RESTOR HYDRO: a project aimed at reactivating historical mills in Europe to produce renewable energy

June 13, 2014
The European conference on river restoration will take place in Vienna on 27-29 October

June 13, 2014
A European portal to share data on the enviroment: SIPE-RTD

May 20 2014
The common agricultural policy should take better account of water concerns, say EU Audit

12 May 2014
Green Paper. Marine Knowledge 2020: from seabed mapping to ocean forecasting. Outcome of public consultation

2 May 2014
100 million euros for 47 new LIFE projects in Italy

31 March 2014
Climate changes: a new IPCC report

30 March 2014
Land consumption in Italy

30 March 2014
Right to Water, the answer of the UE commission disappoints Right2Water

27 March 2014
European Commission 'The effects of climate change on seafloor ecosystems'

24 March 2014
Nominations are open for the RIVERPRIZE 2014, dedicated to river basin menagement

18 March 2014
EU Parliament approves new environmental impact assessment

17 March 2014
EU citizens approve the CAP and consider agriculture a value for the future according to pool

15 March 2014
A map of green infrastructure in Europe by the EEA

11 march 2014
Opportunities for farmers operating within Natura 2000 in the Trentino Alto Adige provinces

11 marzo 2014
The region allocates 37,2 million for agricolture and managment of water resources

10 march 2014
The houses of water in Milan celebrate one year of activity: 1,2 million litres of water have been used with a saving of 40 kg mila CO2

9 march 2014
Problems and innovation in water managment in fragile areas, a conference in Rovigo march 21-22

1 february 2014
New methodology for territorial control and emergency management

28 genuary 2014
The Gruppo 183 is holding a photo contest "Water Landscapes", on river ecosystems services open to all professional and amateur photographers.

19 december 2013
A study on the integration of water policy in Italy

1 december 2013
The European project OpenNESS studies the Glora Maggiore park in northern Italy

29 november 2013
Open letter to the Italian President of the Council of Ministers, Enrico Letta

19 november 2013
INHABIT project

18 november 2013
The highest error rate in EU budget spending is connected to rural development funding

17 novembre 2013
35% of European funds for rural development 2017-2013 are still not spent

16 november 2013
Emilia Romagna region: 10,8 million euro for sustainable agricolture

11 november 2013
Focus on water and urban environment: a new report

11 november 2103
Manual on eco-toxicological sediments and inland waters

11 november 2013
Report of the conference "Ground Zero, Zero Country" held in Rome on October 25, 2013

8 november 2013
Afan de Rivera Prize for the best thesis on land reclamation and soil protection

30 october 2013
New office for Arno and other Tuscan rivers established

30 ottobre 2013
Natura 2000 and watersheds: a methodology for identifying priority actions

24 ottobre 2013
Nitrate water pollution is decreasing but it's still a threat

22 october 2013
Hydrogeological risk: an appeal from Italian organizations

22 october 2013
EU Urban wastewater and treatment plants

18 october 2013
Fish alarm: we risk a Mediterranean sea without fish

18 october 2013
The European parliament voted: new fracking projects for shale gas must pass enviromental test

18 october 2013
The budget of the CAP will be 373 billion euro

16 october 2013
Green Economy, national Italian conference in Rome in December

16 october 2013
River Rhine wins the interantional river foundation's prize

13 october 2013
EU commission to withdraw proposed directive on soil

12 october 2013
A new water portal for EU water management

6 october 2013
The urban Tuscan back to the future

6 october 2013
It will be in Livorno, June 2014, the Fifth Simposium organized by Istituto di Biometerologia

15 September 2013
Agenda of the Italian Senate on September 4

12 september 2013
Dedicated to water the 7th biodivesity festival

12 september 2013
OECD exhortes governments, they must reduce water managment risks

12 september 2013
The Natura 2000 network and agricolture, a workshop for Italian public administrators in Milan

12 september 2013
Francesco Lettera's article

12 september 2013
The Italian environment minister Orlando meets with the signatories of the document on the hydrogeological risk

12 september 2013
Public consultation on water tariffs

12 september 2013
Territorial maintenance: a meeting in Perugia

12 Settembre 2013
Monitoring Natura 2000

6 settembre 2013
An article of Renzo Moschini on the protection of Italian coastal areas (only in Italian).

29 July 2013
Summer shool in Ferrara about water resource managment in alluvial enviroments

14-17 July 2014, Bari
16th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference

7-9 October 2014, Rome
EurOCEAN 2014